Bridgett (moonnfreak) wrote in retratos,

the current project

i've been trying to keep working on my photography this block (since 40% of the grade is studio based) but the gloomy weather and lack of kids has not made me very productive. anyway, when in doubt turn to self-portraits.

cut so that this doesn't get deleted... it's so frustrating to have such strict guidelines for posting in communities... you'd think people could simply ask nicely about putting it behind the cut, but instead i have just had an entry deleted from photogaphie.. so frustrating. anyway, they are all behind the cut now.

i'm seeing these as similar to the installation i had at my show.... even though they are not color, i still seem them as a part of that series (but just another piece). if i ever show them it would be in the same format of printing out 20 and doing a grid (it would be actually 3 or 4 across, definitely not 2). please let me know what you think.
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